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Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy) – Billy & Geli

Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy) – Billy & Geli

Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy) – Billy & Geli

Billy Forrest has made a very good living covering some of the more obscure international song and turning them into hits in South Africa. In 1974 he teamed up again with Angelika Illman aka Geli (they had had a hit the year before with ‘Do You Love Me’, a cover of Sharif Dean’s song), and recorded ‘Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy)’ a song written by Chris Andrews. Andrews had seen a number of Springbok top 20 number 1’s in the late 60’s/early 70’s with songs such as ‘Yesterday Man’, ‘Pretty Belinda’ and ‘Carol ‘OK’.
It seems that the song was first recorded by a group called Bubbles which may have been British or possibly German or Dutch (very little info available on this). Their version also features a male and female vocal, both of which are rather breathy on the verses but do get a little less so on the choruses. Billy and Geli produce a straight forward pop vocal on this catchy tune that has the boy and the girl in the song falling hazily and crazily in love and looking for the other’s number.
‘Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy)’ did not do as well as the duo’s previous hit. ‘Do You Love Me’ peaked at 2 on the Springbok Top 20 while ‘Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy)’ only got to 18. Perhaps by 1974 we were moving away from the catchy bubblegummy pop songs of the early 70s that Chris Andrews was so good at writing and maybe if Billy had picked up the song when it first came out (1972), he may have had a bigger hit on his hands.
However, listening to it with hindsight, we can just enjoy it as a reminder of a past time that is full of hazy and crazy memories for many.

Where to find it:
The Heart And Soul Of – Billy Forrest Gallo CDREDD 654, 2001


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