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In The Sun – Otis Waygood Band

Simply Otis Waygood - Otis Waygood Band

Simply Otis Waygood – Otis Waygood Band

Okay so you got into a band and bought their first album and really loved it and then they release that difficult second album. You head off to the record shop (well that was what you did back then, nowadays you just get onto iTunes or Spotify) and purchase the new one, head home and tentatively place the record on your turntable (remember those?). What is the new one going to sound like? Will you love it like you did the first one, or will it be a huge disappointment?

I am sure there were many who felt like this when purchasing ‘Simply Otis Waygood’, the follow up album to their debut ‘Otis Waygood Blues Band’. And they would have been faced with ‘In The Sun’ as their first taste of the new album. Some, I imagine, would have been a little disappointed at first as a slightly ominous sound would have crept out of the speakers, dramatic drums and a swirling sax, but they would have quickly been comforted as Martin Jackson’s flute comes in followed by Rob Zipper’s raw but somewhat sedate vocals.

The song then gains momentum, although it still stays relaxed as it moves into more familiar Waygood territory and we soon have the flute weaving a hypnotic dance around the rhythm section during a long instrumental interlude. It’s slightly psychedelic and becomes even more so when the flute is replaced by a ‘fuzzy round the edges’ guitar. Then just when you wonder where the vocalist went, the song takes a breath and returns almost to the beginning and the lyrics repeated.

It’s a lazy afternoon track which conjures up the sensation of sitting in the sun, just chilling (or perhaps being a bit spaced out). Fans of the band would not have been disappointed with the first track on the new album and those whose introduction to the Otis Waygood Blues Band was this track, would have been drawn in by the mesmerising sound and warm feelings it engendered.

Where to find it:
Simple Otis Waygood – Otis Waygood Blues Band (2003), Fresh Music, FRESHCD135


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