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African Trilogy – Samson

African Trilogy – Samson

African Trilogy – Samson

Cedric Samson (no relation) was a stalwart of the 80’s music scene in South Africa and even spent some time presenting the TV show ‘Pop Shop’ (which was the closest thing we had to a few minutes of MTV a week back then). He was a member of an early incarnation of Rabbitt and also featured in Morocko who brought us the awesome ‘Bow-Tie Boogaloo’.

However, one of his lesser known bands was one simply called Samson which produced, as far as I can tell, one solitary album called ‘African Trilogy And Other Curios’. The ‘African Trilogy’ in the title refers to an eight and a half minute epic track made up of ‘Sun Dance’, ‘Rain Dance’ and ‘Fire Dance’. Samson joined forces with Neville Paulson and a pre-Via Arika Renee Veldsman for the vocal force on the album and the track was written by Rodney Canes and Hilton Rosenthal. Rosenthal rose to fame producing most of Johnny Clegg’s work and this shows through in the African feel to the track. However, it’s not in the same vein as Juluka, but rather more akin to Hawk’s ‘African Day’ stuff. It is like an 80’s version of Hawk. It has the stomping African drums rhythms, but this is merged with a more synth sound.

This epic track could get one out there and dancing and singing along to it. It has a catchy tune and rhythm, and given the components of the song, you can dance to it in any weather – sun, rain or fire. If you enjoy the syncopated sound of Africa, then you would want to search out this not very well know track.

Where to find it:
Vinyl: African Trilogy And Other Curios – Samson (1980), WEA, WBC 9005

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