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Pressure – Ella Mental

Pressure – Ella Mental

Pressure – Ella Mental

When thinking Ella Mental, the 2 songs that usually come to mind are ‘See Yourself (Clowns)’ and ’30 Million Lonely People’ with the former making the Radio 5, Capital 604 and Radio 702 charts and the latter making the 702 and 604 ones. But if you were put under pressure to name another Ella Mental hit, you could certainly make that pressure work for you to name the only other Ella Mental song to make any of the 3 main radio station charts as ‘Pressure’ by them got to number 22 on the Capital 604 charts.

It is perhaps not as catchy as ’30 Million Lonely People’ or as rocky as ‘See Yourself (Clowns)’ but there is a persistent stomping beat that underpins Heather Mac’s somewhat ominous vocals. The pounding beat is in tune with the theme of the song as the persistence of it emulates the way pressure bears down on one. It can be relentless as it tries to beat you into submission.

So why listen to a song that reminds you about all the things you need to do and all the bosses you need to please? Well, because there is a message of hope within the song. ‘I’m getting stronger every day’ sings Heather. She is overcoming the problems. Also if you listen to the guitar and plinky-plonking keyboards that wonder around the beat of the song, there is a kind of laid back feel to them, almost as if they are circling round this ‘pressure’ beat, with a puzzled expression on their faces, as if say, why do we do this to ourselves.

So my advice is put the track on, absorb the pressure of the beat and then stand back and join the guitars and keyboards in smiling at the pressure and get stronger everyday.

Where to find it:
Uncomplicated Dreams – Ella Mental (2002), RetroFresh, freshcd127


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