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Never Ever Ever Ever – Wonderboom

Never Ever Ever Ever – Wonderboom

Never Ever Ever Ever – Wonderboom

‘Never Ever Ever Ever’ was the ’Boom’s second EP and it was released in 2000. There had been quite a hiatus between this and their 1996 debut EP ‘Is It?’. Their debut was a bit of a mixed bag featuring the Afro-reggae tinged ‘Smile Pantsula’, the rush-rock of ‘Jafta Rebel’ and the Red Hot Chili Pepper-ish ‘No Left Stone Unturned’. It was a raw and energetic affair and well worth getting hold of. Between their debut and their second EP, they smoothed out the rough edges of ‘Isit?’ and produced 5 polished tracks of funky rock and added a dance mix of ‘Never Ever Ever Ever’ for good measure.

‘Never Ever Ever Ever’ has all the strut and swagger that we have come to know and love about Wonderboom. Cito’s vocals are quite languid but still have a kind of cocky confidence which he let’s loose on the chorus while the band swing nicely between a sort of funky laid back groove and then introduce a roaring guitar to try and match Cito’s energy on the chorus.

I can’t say that I am that enamoured by the ‘Ziggy’s #6 Mix’ of the song which closes the EP, it’s a decent enough dance track but to me it’s one of those mixes that is so different to the original that it is a different song. This one seems to meander without really going anywhere. But that may just be me as this sort of drum ‘n bass, trance-y kind of stuff has never been my cup of tea, so check it out for yourself.

As for me, I’ll stick with the non-mix version which would spend 6 weeks on the SA Rockdigest charts, peak at number 2 and consolidated Wonderboom’s position as a premier SA band of the naughties.

Where to find it:
Never Ever Ever Ever (EP) – Wonderboom (2000), Gresham Records, CDDGR 1490 J


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