1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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JoBangles – Baxtop

Work It Out - Baxtop

Work It Out – Baxtop

Super slick, super funky and, well, just plain super. Recorded back in 1979 for Baxtop’s solitary album ‘Work It Out’, ‘JoBangles’ features some superb guitar and vocals from Larry Amos and is perhaps one of the most accomplished songs ever made in South Africa. Still sounding as fresh and as exciting as it did way back then, it still amazes me that this song was not huge.

It rocks, you can dance to it, you can sing-a-long to it and you can play your air guitar along with it. What more could you ask for. There are shades of Jimi Hendrix in Amos, not only in the guitar playing, but also in the voice and with Tim Parr (later of Ella Mental) alongside Fuzzy Marcus and Bruce Williams (both of whom went on to be part of Tribe After Tribe) is it any surprise that a song of such quality was produced.

This song would certainly feature quite high on a list of the top 100 best SA songs of all times as it is that good. In the opening lines, Larry sings ‘There’s a mama, JoBangles/Got a voice so good you could cry’. Well, there is also a dude, Larry Amos, got a voice (and axe) so good you could cry.

Where to find it:
Work It Out – Baxtop (1993), Tusk, WOND117


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