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Pandora’s Child – Henry Ate

Henry Ate

Henry Ate

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman ever created. She would be the equivalent of Eve in the Adam and Eve story. According to Wikipedia, Pandora had a child and that was Pyrrha. She had a daughter, Hellen who was the mother of a nation and from whom the word Hellenic comes.

Now whether Pyrrha is the one of whom Henry Ate are singing in this song, or the child of someone else also called Pandora, is not clear, although I would venture to say that Karma Swanepoel (the lead singer of Henry Ate) does not look old enough to have been kissing the child of the first ever woman (something she says she does in the lyrics).

However, that doesn’t really matter as this is a beautiful song that matches Karma’s distinctive vocals with gently strummed guitar and lyrics of love and hope. Yes, the first line of the song goes ‘A voice of darkness set your heart aside’ which is not particularly indicative of hope, but soon after this Karma sings ‘Out of this darkness comes light’. So, yes, it is a song of hope.

This was one of a number of excellent songs that Henry Ate produced during their relatively short time in the limelight and if someone had heard their other tracks but not this one, they would be ill advised to expect a Pandora’s box of sounds and exciting new things from Henry Ate as ‘Pandora’s Child’ does not deviate from their ability to make darn good songs that intrigue and provide aural pleasure. This one is Pyrrha-fect.

Where to find it:
Slap In The Face – Henry Ate, Tic Tic Bang, (1996), BANGCD024


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