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This Is How It Goes – Goldfish

Perceptions Of Pacha - Goldfish

Perceptions Of Pacha – Goldfish

Goldfish, so the story goes, have a very short memory, 3 seconds apparently. Well that’s all bunk, supposedly. Some scientists now reckon they can remember things for more than 5 months! Well, I bet the band Goldfish hope you have a memory longer than 5 months, in fact I’m asking you to look back 11 years to 2008 when the album ‘Perceptions Of Pacha’ by Cape Town band Goldfish came out. If your memory of this is good, you may also recall what track 2 of this album was called and if you are supergood with your memory you could tell me who is featured on vocals on the song. Or of course you can Google it all and know that ‘This Is How It Goes’ was track 2 and it featured Monique Hellenberg on vocals.

Goldfish play a relaxed kind of dance music, sort of akin to The Orb. It’s Earworm music, which if you don’t know what that means, it’s tunes that get stuck in your head and are difficult to dislodge. Listen to ‘This Is How It Goes’ and you’ll find yourself singing ‘oo-ah-oo-ah-oo-oo-oo-oo’ over and over again in your head because, well, this is how it goes. The catchy part that is. Apart from the catchy bit, there are more lyrics and jazzy instrumental interludes over a persistent beat.

Not only is the music hypnotic and excellent dance music, Monique’s satin voice lures you into the song and you find yourself lost in the tune. Although not released on the African Dope label (it was released by Sony), the song and the band would have felt at home on that label as the trance-ey feel of this song shows. Listen to it. Remember how it goes. Remember the song for more than 5 months and hey, you’re better than a goldfish.

Where to find it:
Perceptions Of Pacha – Goldfish, Sony (2008), CDCLL7072


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