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Another Universe – Arno Carstens

Another Universe - Arno Carstens

Another Universe – Arno Carstens

So, what do you do when you’ve been the lead singer of one of the biggest bands in the country and you decide to break up the band (again). Do you twiddle your thumbs and live off the royalties of past glories, or do you go and make another album, the title track of which is as brilliant and memorable as anything you did in a group?

Few lead singers of major bands have really gone on to forge a successful solo career – Sting and to a lesser degree Freddie Mercury come to mind – but to that list we can add Arno Carstens who, after one of the many final Springbok Nude Girl final gigs ever, decided to make the rather magnificent ‘Another Universe’ album with its rather magnificent title track.

Starting off with a delicate guitar intro during which Arno comes in with his ‘made to rock’ vocals, the song builds to a soaring chorus which is perfectly suited to Arno’s voice. Maybe not quite as noisy as some of the Nude Girls stuff – this one sits closer to their ‘Blue Eyes’ than perhaps their ‘Smiley Skull Of Faith’ – it could easily have ended up on a Nude Girl’s album except that it lacks that warm trumpet sound that Adriaan Brand brought to their sound.

‘Another Universe’ is a laid back rock track that is certainly not from another universe, it is firmly grounded in the solid rock traditions of Earth, and that’s what one wants from your music don’t you?

Where to find it:
Another Universe – Arno Carstens, 2003, Epic, CDEPC8256


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