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Dragonflies And Astronauts – The Parlotones

Dragonflies And Astronauts – The Parlotones

Dragonflies And Astronauts – The Parlotones

I suppose that dragonflies and astronauts do have something in common – they both fly. Apart from that, I’m not sure. The Parlotones, I presume, know what the connection is and reading the lyrics of their song that goes by that name, it seems to be all about having dreams and in dreams there is nothing wrong with dragonflies and astronauts hanging out together.

The Parlotones dreamed big, they dreamed of things of beauty and things out of this world and they brought them together. They would have dreamed of fame and being a big band and they became that (that’s out of this world, man). And they would have also dreamed of beautiful things like this song for example. It is a slightly laid-back rock affair with Morbee Kahn’s voice soaring over a tuneful, guitar-led floatfest.

The track became the title of a theatre piece that The Parlotones put together around their songs and, in what was apparently a world first, was streamed in 3D to cinemas around the globe. The production didn’t seem to garner much critical acclaim, but the song does have a sense of theatre to it. Its colourful lyrics conjure up images of dreams and out of this world things.

Where to find it:
Radiocontrolledrobot – The Parlotones (2005), Sovereign Entertainment, SOVCD 025


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