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Geek – Jakkie Louw

Jakkie Louw

Jakkie Louw

Jakkie Louw is fairly well-known Afrikaans singer and was one of the names that came out of the burgeoning rock music scene in Stellenbosch towards the end of the previous millennium and into the early naughties. And while he never quite made it as big as the likes of Valiant Swart and Akkedis, he was certainly one worth watching.

Most of his stuff is in Afrikaans, but one of his very early releases (and now quite hard to find) was an English song called ‘Geek’. I can’t help thinking of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ when I hear this song. Not because the 2 sound similar, but there is the same sort of self deprecating sentiment where Radiohead sing ‘Cause I’m a creep’ and Jakkie sings ‘I guess that I am a Geek’ and in both songs there is a slight pause before the one word of the song title is sung. Other than that, Jakkie’s song is far more upbeat than the Radiohead one. It is a good solid pop-rock track with some polished guitar and strong just slightly gruff vocals.

This early recording of his signalled that here was another fine offering from the Stellenbosch stable and it was recognised by the SA Rockdigest as the song climbed to number 2 on their charts in 2003. Geek is the word.

Where to find it:
Jakkie Louw – Klein Karoo Cowboy, AFRIMUSIK27

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