1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Set Of Wheels (Karoo Anthem) – Karen Zoid

Karen Zoid

Karen Zoid

In 2001 there was a rumbling in South African music, a rumbling like a juggernaut storming through the Karoo, a large plume of dust trying to catch up with it as the engine roared like a mighty lion. And slowly the truck smashes its way throught the heat haze, taking shape and form till it eventually hurtled out of the desert and…

…well it wasn’t a large mean mothertrucker after all. It was a small silver disc entitled ‘Poles Apart’ and it landed in our midst. The scientists amongt us reached for their technical equipment which they called a ‘CD Player’ and, with trembling hands, delicately placed the silver disc into the belly of the machine and punched a button…

…and the disc began to roar. All jumped back in amazement and awe at the sound. And then came a voice, a sort of sweet sound, but it was not all sweet. There was an edge to it as it told a tale of a road that traversed large distances and the wheels that pound that road…

…and that, dear friends, is how the legend of Karen Zoid began.

Where to find it:
Poles Apart – Karen Zoid (June 2001), EMI, CDEMCD5938

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