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Cry For You – Nibs van der Spuy

A Bird In The Hand - Nibs van der Spuy

A Bird In The Hand – Nibs van der Spuy

Don’t know how many of you out there know about Martin Stephenson. Well he made an album in 1986 called ‘Boat To Bolivia’ and its really worthwhile checking out. It combines great acoustic guitar playing with beautiful lyrics and the reggae tinged title track is laid back heaven.

But why am I telling you all this. Well because when I listened to Nibs van der Spuy’s album ‘A Bird In The Hard’ I immediately thought of Martin Stephenson and in particular his ‘Boat To Bolivia’ album as, not only does Nibs sound quite a lot like Martin vocally speaking, he also seems to have captured that gentle beauty of lilting guitar set against poingnant lyrics delivered in a laid back style.

I chose ‘Cry To You’ from the album for this list although there could be a number of other contenders, but the thing that attracted me to ‘Cry For You’ is the slight reggae beat to the song which, while completely different to Stephenson’s ‘Boat To Bolivia’ seems to capture that same feel that makes a great feel good track.

Nibs is an expert acoustic guitar player and that is evident throughout the album particularly on the instrumental piece, ‘Tibouchina’. On ‘Cry To Me’ this is complimented with some organ and mouth organ to flesh out the simplicity of a man and his guitar. This is laid-back at its best.

Where to find it:
Nibs van der Spuy – A Bird In The Hand (2008), Sheer Sound, SSCD522


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