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Jafta Rebel (X) – Wonderboom

Isit? - Wonderboom

Isit? – Wonderboom

I had to do a Google search on what a Jafta was and one option was that it was anacronym for Johannesburg Association for the Aged. Listening to this early Wonderboom track, its hard to imagine that this is what they are singing about as the song mixes a sort of ska sound with a kind of speed metal. But then again, they were singing about a Jafta Rebel, so maybe it was someone who was rebelling about getting old.

However, listening to the lyrics it appears that Jafta is the name of a guy and, if my interpretation of the words is correct, he is a dope dealer to the ladies, but I might be wrong. There are also a load of references to sex, which, along with the racing guitars, makes it a song that would not sit comfortably with a Sonja Herholdt fan for example.

Wonderboom became a very successful local band, most of their success was a result of their later work, but this track, which appeared on their 1997 EP Isit?, was a sign of what was to come from the them. This is tight yet manic rock that the ‘Booms handle with cocky confidence. It was clear way back then that this band was destined for big things.

Where to find it:
Isit? (6 track EP) – Wonderboom, (1997), Wildebeest, WILDE007

EP Version:

Santana Sessions:

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