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Arapaho – Wild Warrior

The Wicked Seduction - Arapaho

The Wicked Seduction – Arapaho

If you didn’t know, Arapaho is the name of a Native American tribe and the South African band who named themselves after this tribe are not the only ones to mention them. In the fantastic British Number 1 hit, ‘The Chicken Song’ by Spitting Image, there is the line ‘learn to speak Arapaho’ and in Adam & The Ants ‘The Human Beings’ (Last track on their ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontiers’ album), they sing ‘Blackfoot, Pawnee, Crow, Apache, Arapaho’. So this particular tribe are no strangers to the world of popular music.

Local band, Arapaho, do not, however, have any of the irritating ‘Agadoo’ pop that ‘The Chicken Song’ was mocking, nor the tribal stomping of Adam & The Ants. They were a straightforward rock band and ‘Wild Warrior’ is a straightforward rock song. There is no pretence or attempt to be anything but that. There are shades of The Cult in this track that blisters along a on a barrage of drums and guitars while the vocals soar.

‘Wild’ implies lack of control, but there is certainly none of that here. It is a well-crafted rock track where tune is not sacrificed to noise. ‘Warrior’ implies a fighter and you do feel a little like you’ve been a few rounds with a fighter. And for those who are not too keen on the modern style of songs, there’s not arapinsight on this Arapaho track.

Where to find it:
Wild Warriors – The Complete Arapaho (2007), Fresh, FRESHCD151


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4 thoughts on “Arapaho – Wild Warrior

  1. For John Samson

    Hi John
    Arapaho band member, keyboard player, Gavin Meiring was our music/programmes manager at Jacaranda fm for about 2 years up until December 2018.
    He is now between Cape Town where he lives in Tulbach and Johannesburg where he is representing and promoting local and some international bands.
    A real ‘party animal’ is our Gavin
    I have sent him the content and link to the blog.

    Interesting read on your blog! Thank you for the always informative and interesting articles

  2. Gavin Meiring on said:

    Hi John

    Thanks for the post and recognition. The Wicked Selection is also available on iTunes or Spotify -https://open.spotify.com/artist/5yA0PesbdKjJz16gjF1vjF?si=f9hcrS9_QRyAjPrG3nNZeA

    Gavin Meiring
    Arapaho SA Band

  3. Hi John

    Thanks so much for the recognition for Wild Warrior dedicated to not merely the Native American warriors but all warriors that have fought battles against invaders, including the Zulu’s in SA. The lyrics are applicable to both.

    Incidentally the Wicked Selection is a remastered album available on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/the-wicked-selection/1411345027
    Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5yA0PesbdKjJz16gjF1vjF

    Gavin Meiring
    Arapaho SA Band
    Facebook : @ArapahoSAband

  4. Shane on said:

    This was a great band ,there music was good,I’m sad they no longer together.

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