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The Return – Hawk

Africa She Too Can Cry - Hawk

Africa She Too Can Cry – Hawk

There’s a fuzzy dustiness to ‘The Return’ by Hawk. It’s not just the gravelly growlings of Dave Ornellas that make, it so it’s also the instruments which seem a little out of focus and don’t come across in fine detail. But that’s not a bad thing and was probably deliberately recorded in that way (although they may use different phrases to describe it) to create an earthy African feel to a song that would otherwise have been a West Coast American 70s rock tune.

A slightly trippy guitar dances around some handclaps to create the backdrop to Ornellas’ ‘wild man’ vocals which tell the story of a man returning to the one he loves. ‘I’m going home/to the one I love’ is sung a few times before the dramatic cry of ‘I’m on my wa-ay-ay-ay’ astonishes the instruments into a moments silence.

As their name suggests, Hawk made wild free music that soars. There is also a sense of the predator in their music and ‘The Return’ captures all this in its rough-edged way. It is one that you will return to again and again.

Where to find it:
Africa She Too Can Cry (Official CD re-issue) (2004) RetroFresh, freshcd137


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