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Money Baby – Tidal Wave

Money Baby – Tidal Wave

Money Baby – Tidal Wave

‘Money Baby’ was the last of 4 Springbok Top 20 hits that Tidal Wave would have. It would spend 3 weeks on the chart and peak at 15 which was not as strong a showing as ‘Spider Spider’ and ‘Mango Mango’ (both of which went top 10), but did peak 1 place higher than ‘Green Mamba’, their other hit. The moral of the story is that if you are called Tidal Wave, sing songs that repeat words in the title.

That said, one has to give credit to the band for not just, erm, cashing in on the success of their repeated word title hits and trying out different avenues. ‘Money Baby’ is a 70’s rock song and proud of it. It has hints of the glam rock that was beginning to find popularity in the UK. There is a full on guitar sound, strong chirpy vocals and, that vital ingredient, a plethora of drums. Thrown into the mix is some swirling organ which neatly links the song with some of the 60s psychedelic stuff without sounding like it.

While not as catchy as ‘Mango Mango’ or as pysch-y as ‘Spider Spider’, ‘Money Baby’ sits neatly on the progressive path that rock music was taking and showed a band that was not only in touch with what was happening in the music world but was also able to adapt to the changes.

Where to find it:
Spider Spider – Best Of The Tidal Wave, The Tidal Wave, Fresh Music,  FRESHCD 159


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