1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Colourful – Parlotones

Radiocontrolledrobot -Parlotones

Radiocontrolledrobot -Parlotones

If you want some good solid rock tunes from South Africa, then you need look no further than The Parlotones who had been around for a good number of years before their big break came with the album Radiocontrolledrobot. ‘Colourful’ was one of the tracks on the album and helped propel the ‘Tones into stardom. And its no too surprising listening to the track.

‘Colourful’ is strong from the very first note, starting out in a relaxed mode, it builds to the big chorus with Kahn Morbee in fine voice. It is also a love song, with an opening line of ‘Honey you’re my favourite/I wonder do you feel the same’. The combination of rock and love song has been a formula for success for many a band. It’s not quite the rock-ballad that was popular in the 80’s, those could be a little too schmaltzy sometimes. This is a more mature take on that formula.

Apparently the band did not really like the track themselves, but the South African public seemed to take to it. The accompanying video should, however, come with a ‘do not try this at home’ warning as it depicts the band members jumping out of a plane without parachutes. They land in a cartoon world along with all their instruments intact. Most people who jump from aeroplanes without a parachute don’t land on their feet, but The Parlotones with this track, certainly did.

Where to find it:
Radiocontrolledrobot – The Parlotones (2005), Sovereign Entertainment, SOVCD 025


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