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Run Alive Run – Felix Laband

Felix Laband - Thin Shoes In June

Felix Laband – Thin Shoes In June

Felix Laband came out of the the African Dope stable of high quality dance/chill acts from Cape Town and his first album, ‘Thin Shoes In June’ on which ‘Run Alive Run’ can be found, was a classy set of electronic jazzy chilled out instrumentals.

There is a hypnotic repetitiveness to the track with a relaxed drum ‘n bass style beat over which a velvet gong chimes like half a door-bell ring. After about a minute into the track a further electronic snippet joins the repetition. In his review of the ‘Thin Shoes In June’ album, SA Rockdigest’s Stephen Segerman says ‘and if David Lynch had based ‘Twin Peaks’ in Cape Town’s City Bowl, then this would work as the soundtrack.’ And there is some truth in that if one presumes that ‘Twin Peaks’ set in Cape Town (would that be Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak?) would be a brighter, sunnier affair than the actual ‘Twin Peaks’ as ‘Run Alive Run’, while having the sort of dreamy jazzy feel to it like the Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack to ‘Twin Peaks’, does not have that dark broody feel.

This is a song for your Sunday morning while you sip your orange juice, eat your toast and marmalade and read the Sunday papers. It’s for relaxing to, despite the title having the word ‘run’ in it (twice!). It’s go-with-the-flow music that gets under your skin like a gentle massage.

Where to find it:
Felix Laband – Thin Shoes In June, 2001, African Dope, ADOPECD003


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