1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Work All Day (Sleep All Night) – Zeroes

Zulu Stomp

Zulu Stomp

I don’t know how many of you would have said, when seeing the name of the band for this entry on the list, ‘ag naught man!’ But the Zeroes were not a nothing band. They hailed from Port Elizabeth and they brought us this fuzzy, buzzy 3 minutes of psychedelic pop which can be found on the compilation albums ‘Savage Sounds From South Africa’ or ‘Zulu Stomp!! – South Africa Garage Beats!!’. From what I can tell neither are readily available on CD although the latter seems to have had a CD release in Portugal.

‘Work All Day (Sleep All Night)’ was a cover of a song by The Mark Four from 1966. The Mark Four would eventually become The Creation. Their version sounds a little rougher than The Zeroes, more akin to the 13th Floor Elevators sound. While The Zeroes also have a 13th Floor Elevators fuzz to it, it is not as pronounced but it still has the slightly frenetic pace and stretched vocals.

South Africa did manage to produce some very good garage band music back in the early 60s which has become the subject of a number of international releases. ‘Work All Day (Sleep All Night)’, which was produced by Graeme Beggs, was one of those great tracks where the band did not seem to have produced an album, but their singles made enough of an impact on someone for them to include them on a compilation of rare SA Garage rock.

Where to find it:
Various – Savage Sounds From South Africa (2003) Springbok Beat,
Various – Zulu Stomp!! – South Africa Garage Beats!! (2010), Nosmoke,


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