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Verslaaf – Koos Kombuis

Blameer Dit Op Apartheid - Koos Kombuis

Blameer Dit Op Apartheid – Koos Kombuis

Way back in the early eighties the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra came out with a popular medley of classical tunes that they put to a dance beat and they called it ‘Hooked On Classics’. Well, almost 2 decades later, Koos Kombuis said sod the classics, he’s hooked on Rock ‘n’ Roll and just about everything else. In fact this may well be the only song ever recorded that mentioned Worcester Sauce because it’s included in Koos’ list on things that he’s ‘verslaaf aan’.

The song vacillates betweens a quieter almost reggae beat in which Koos lists a wide variety of things that he’s hooked on and the rowdy, guitar and drum-fest chorus when he declares that the best of the lot is the rock  ‘n’ roll. It is quite interesting as Koos is not really known as a big time rocker. Yes, he did make noisier songs like this and ‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain’, but he is better known for a much quieter, almost folky style songs like ‘Liza se Klavier’ and ‘Atlantis In Jou Lyf’. But having said that, when he does let loose with the noiser guitars on his songs, he does it well.

While there is humour in the song and Koos sounds like he’s taking the piss a little bit as he runs through his list of vices, one can’t help feeling that there is something deeper lurking in this little ditty. It is almost a cry for help, seeming to make light of some more serious addictions (‘ek is verslaaf op drank, ek is verslaaf op zol’), saying that they aren’t that much of a problem because of sex and drugs and rock n roll, it’s the last of the three where his real addiction lies, so no need to worry. But I’m not so sure.

While Kombuis certainly went through some rough times with real addictions, he seems to have cleaned up his act as he grew older and when this song was made, I think that he was looking back at a time when he was verslaaf op a lot of the things he mentions in the song but was in denial. Or it’s just a song about really really really liking rock n roll.

Where to find it:
Blameer Dit Op Apartheid – Koos Kombuis (1997), Wilderbeest Records, WILDE 001


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