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Roger And Peter – Steve Newman & Tony Cox

About Time - Steve Newman & Tony Cox

About Time – Steve Newman & Tony Cox

Anyone who has followed the careers of these 2 guitar maestros from our fair shores will be familiar with this one as it is a staple of any live performance when the 2 of them play together. In fact, if you have seen them perform this piece live a few times, you can even visualise the actions the pair do while play, even if you are listening to a recording of it as the chuckles from the audience mark the places where these actions take place.

For those who haven’t a clue what I am talking about, then let me explain. ‘Roger And Peter’ is a piece that the 2 guitarist put together which is their idea of what would happen, musically speaking if Roger Moore and Peter Sellers had an affair. The result is the James Bond Theme Tune brilliantly weaved into a duet with the Pink Panther Theme. But not satisfied that Peter and Roger are seeing each other, Steve and Tony take them out dancing and they end up performing a tango before heading off to the circus with a fast paced ‘Circus March’.

Not only is this is a clever merging of the two theme tunes to good comic effect, it is always executed superbly by 2 guitarists who must have been playing guitar in the womb to end up be this damn good. When they play it live, they do the dramatic head turns of the tango and some little shoulder shrugs in time to the music.

This piece has been around at least since the duo’s 1983 live album ‘101 Ways To Use An Acoustic Guitar’ and probably from long before that. It has appeared on a number of recordings the 2 have made and is a part of South African guitar culture. Its plucking brilliant.

Where to find it:
About Time – Steve Newman & Tony Cox, 2001, Sheer Sound


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