1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Taking A Break – Hinds Brothers

Oceans Of Milk - Hinds Brothers

Oceans Of Milk – Hinds Brothers

A certain brand of foodstuff has the well known slogan of ‘57 Varieties Of Heinz’, and while there may not be quite as many varieties of Hinds on the South African music scene, there are certainly plenty of them about. The Hinds musical dynasty stems from 70s singer/songwriter Kevin Hinds who was in groups like Jade and Leatherbone as well as having a successful solo career. Then came a certain Craig Hinds, Kevin’s son and frontman of the hugely successful Watershed. To this growing list we can now add Aden and Wren, Craig’s younger brothers who joined forces to create The Hinds Brothers.

Their debut album ‘Oceans Of Milk’ has garnered them some excellent reviews, including a 5 star review from none other than Richard Haslop (he who used to write music reviews for Scope Magazine). And rightly so, it is a brilliant album worth checking out in its entirety. However, this is the 1,001 South African songs list, not albums list, so one has to chose a track from the magnificent 10 that make up the album and ‘Taking A Break’, was the one that stood out just that little bit more from the others. It’s as catchy as it is laid back. Undoubtedly influenced by the Americana gene of modern country/folk music that acts like Sufjan Stevens and Devendra Banhart are part of, the song strolls along, taking in the fresh air of life and just feeling good.

The beautiful vocals waft on the breeze of music as chorus tells us that ‘God’s taking a break/she’s taking the world off her shoulders’. Now one may want to get into a theological debate about the gender of the deity, however that would be to miss the point. If the supreme being can take some time out and relax, then so can we and if She or He really wants to put Her/His feet up, there are few songs out there that would be better to do so than with this little gem.

Where to find it:
Ocean Of Milk – Hinds Brothers

Hear here:


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