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Killing The Light – Squeal



The name Squeal for this band does not describe their music or their singing as they certainly do not sound like children expressing delight or pigs expressing distress. Formed by Dave Birch and Brett Barnes, this band make some rough edged rock that is edgy and gritty.

Opening their ‘Long Pig’ album, ‘Killing The Light’ circulates uneasily in your mind with a looping, somewhat menacing, guitar which is quickly accompanied by some straight up rock beats and grungy guitar. Then Birch’s vocals, enticing at first, move up a notch and drag you kicking and screaming into the song. The whole time this looping guitar riff moves round and round in your brain, hypnotic yet somehow also driving you insane.

In his review of the ‘Long Pig’ album SA Rockdigest writer, Kurt Shoemaker, describes it as ‘sinewy, athletic rock stripped down to fighting weight, it’s as pure as rock gets’ which applies as much to ‘Killing the Light’ as to the rest of the album. You need to go a few rounds with the song, if you can last the distance.

Where to find it:
Long Pig – Squeal, One World Entertainment (1995), WOND133


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