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Hold On (To What You’ve Got) – Peanut Butter Conspiracy

Hold On (To What You’ve Got) - Peanut Butter Conspiracy

Hold On (To What You’ve Got) – Peanut Butter Conspiracy

It you have a copy of this single (or the album that this comes from) I suggest you do what it says on the label as this is another slice of great soul music that South Africa managed to come out with. Yes, the band’s name was the same as an American band around the same time and yes, this was a cover version of an international song (the original was by Bill & Buster who were actually Tommy Moeller and David ‘Buster’ Meikle from Unit 4+2), but our guys did know how to make a good job of covering these kind of songs.

Starting off with a subdued guitar and beautiful harmonies, the song then veers off from being too close to the original as Brian Mulder’s gravelly voice speaks the lyrics over the angelic harmonies that the band continue with. This is a similar ploy that the band used on their earlier hit ‘Understanding’ and as the latter went to number 2 on the Springbok charts, they thought they were on to a winning formula. And they were as ‘Hold On (To What You Got)’ made it to number 4 on our charts.

This is a silky smooth cover version that seems to seep out of the speakers and fills the room up with warm and good feelings. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy were a great soul band and they brought us a number of classic songs. ‘Hold On (To What You Got)’ is just another example of how good they were. Can I hear anyone say ‘Amen’.

Where to find it:
Singles bins


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