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Shouldn’t Fall In Love – City Limits

City Limits

City Limits

‘Shouldn’t Fall In Love’ was the first single by City Limits and it managed to spend 9 weeks on the Springbok Radio Top 20, peaking at 8 during that time. Written by John Weddepohl, this song starts of with a dramatic soaring mix of vocal and instrumentation before settling into a catchy rock tune which is driven by keyboards with the odd guitar wail going on. The vocals and feel of the song are solid AOR with shades of Boston and America coming through.

Just over half way through, the guitar suddenly takes hold of the song with some searing licks and the vocalist (not sure if it is Rick Wolff or John Weddepohl as both are credited with lead vocals on the album sleeve notes) has to react and does so by moving up a key or so and matches the guitars wails accordingly.

Sadly, the band failed to build on the success of their first album (they did have another top 20 hit from it in the shape of ‘When You Gonna Love Me’ which has already appeared on this list), but we didn’t hear any further musical output from the band. So we are left with this and ‘When You Gonna Love Me’ as testament to a band with an ear for a good rock tune and the ability to pull it off. The lads can be proud of what they did.

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  1. Hi, do you know Rick Wolff very well?

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