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Ain’t Gonna Stop Till I Get To The Top – Joy

Ain’t Gonna Stop Till I Get To The Top - Joy

Ain’t Gonna Stop Till I Get To The Top – Joy

‘Paradise Road’ became a South African classic that still reverberates around the local music world to this day. But before Joy brought us that chart topping hit, they had a lesser know song make number 11, about 6 months before ‘Paradise Road’ cracked the charts and that was ‘Ain’t Gonna Stop Till I Get To The Top’.

Like ‘Paradise Road’, ‘Ain’t Gonna Stop…’ was written by Fransua Roos and Patric van Blerk and both tracks appeared on the album called ‘Paradise Road’. However, unlike the soulful chart topper, ‘Ain’t Gonna Stop’ is a straight on disco floorfiller. From the moment the funky bass starts up (about 3 seconds into the song), you know that you are going to be dancing to this one and that is soon confirmed as that disco beat (you know the one I’m talking about) hits in. And while that is strutting around your turntable (remember those?), you are hit with a voice that is not too distant to that of one of the greats of the disco era, Donna Summer.

Interestingly, 2 years after ‘Ain’t Gonna Stop’ was released in 1980, Joy covered the Jon & Vangelis song ‘State Of Independence’ around the same time that Donna Summer released her own cover. Co-incidence? Well listen to ‘Ain’t gonna Stop’ and I think you’ll agree that Joy knew how to do disco the same way Donna Summer did.

Joy actually did not stop once they managed to get to the top because apart from the cover of ‘State Of Independence’ mentioned above they had one more song make the Springbok charts, but that’s for another entry on this blog.

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