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As I Went Out One Morning (aka ‘Damsel’) – Tribe After Tribe

As I Went Out One Morning (aka ‘Damsel’) - Tribe After Tribe

As I Went Out One Morning (aka ‘Damsel’) – Tribe After Tribe

Cover versions always bring out the debaters in us. Which is better, the original or the cover?  Should anyone even dare cover the song? How can anyone make it better than the original? These are the kind of comments and questions people ask and make when faced with a cover version. But, it would take a brave man to question Robbie Robb and his Tribe After Tribe for daring to cover a Bob Dylan track. Granted it was not one of Dylan’s better known songs, but hell, it was still Dylan for goodness sakes.

But like Abstract Truth’s cover of ‘Oxford Town’, Tribe After Tribe did a spectacular job of covering Dylan and I would venture that only the most hardened of hippies would begrudge them having done so. With Robbi’s edgy, menacing guitar and primal yowling (i-e-yeah) thrown against Bruce Williams rattling drums and Fuzzy Marcus’ dark and threatening bass and those tribal ‘oh-uh’s, this is a juggernaut of a cover version that rams itself through your senses, pummelling you on all sides.

My advice is that you don’t try listen to this alongside Dylan’s version (which appeared on his ‘John Wesley Harding’ album) as the two as so chalk and cheese, so north and south, so folky and rock that you have to be in two completely different moods to enjoy them both. When you smoke some weed and grow your hair, then Dylan’s your man, but if you, like Twisted Sister, wanna rock, then Tribe After Tribe’s the version to go for.

Many have covered Dylan, few have done so with as much anger, energy and sheer force as Tibe After Tribe do with ‘As I Went Out One Morning’. This ranks alongside Eddie Vedder’s ‘Masters Of War’ in the list of great Dylan covers.

Where to find it:
Rocking Against The System – Various Artists (2002), RetroFresh, FRESH CD119



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