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I Wanna Go To Mauritius – Paul Ditchfield

I Wanna Go To Mauritius - Paul Ditchfield

I Wanna Go To Mauritius – Paul Ditchfield

Mauritius, in case you didn’t know, is an island on the other side of Madagascar and is famed for its white beaches and blue seas. Is it any wonder then that one time Bat man (no, I’m not talking about a masked superhero, but rather a member of the SA Fab Four, The Bats) wants to go there?

Released in 1981 and possibly cashing in on Ditchfield’s popularity as a TV presenter at the time, the song has waves of piano cashing around beaches of xylophone and with a sunny sax breezing in. Ditchfield’s voice has a slightly rasping quality to it, as if he’s been sipping a few too many cocktails the night before, but the beautiful surroundings let him forget about his hangover and he’s in Bermuda shorts and an Hawaiian T-shirt dancing a conga on the beach with anyone who want’s to join in.

There are hints of Madness’ ‘The Return Of The Los Palmos 7’ on this that come through in the honky tonk piano dancing a two step with the xylophone. Paul just missed out on a top 20 hit with this. It made it onto the programme ‘Bubbling Under’ on Springbok Radio which used to play the possible future top 20 hits, and even made it to the top of the ‘bubbles’, but sadly got the cold shoulder from the record buying public, although I’m not sure why. This is bright breezy pop, that is pumped full of feel good. Forget Madonna’s ‘Holiday’, take a trip with Paul.

Where to find it:
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