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Born In A Taxi – Blk Sonshine

Blk Sonshine - Blk Sonshine

Blk Sonshine – Blk Sonshine

People born in a taxi are usually born before their time as invariably the mother is in the taxi with the express purpose to getting to the hospital on time. However, one would be hard pressed to say that Blk Sonshine and their remarkable song,’Born In A Taxi’ was before its time, and it certainly isn’t rushing to get somewhere.

The song fitted so perfectly into its time, a time when we were just beginning to settle into a post-apartheid South Africa and Malawian-born Masauko Chipembere and South African Neo Muyanga (who make up Blk Sonshine) seemed to encapsulate the sense of freedom and joy that the New South Africa was experiencing.

With just a guitar and some muted beats flitting around the beautiful harmonies of Neo and Masuako, the simplicity of the song is breathtaking. It is almost as if two street buskers have walked into a studio, pushed the record button and laid down the track in one take. But what a take! If you could record carefreeness, it would sound like this. This is Blk Sonshine at their brightest best and it is no wonder that ‘Born In A Taxi’ raced to to top of the SA Rockdigest charts. It was fresh and breathtakingly brilliant.

Where to find it:
Blk Sonshine – Blk Sonshine (2000), Fresh Music, FRESHCD105


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