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Die Trein Na Pretoria – Die Briels

Die Trein Na Pretoria - Die Briels

Die Trein Na Pretoria – Die Briels

Die Briels are a strange phenomena. They sound like a group that would be found singinG at a wedding reception at DiE Royal Hotel in some dorp in the the furtherest place from anywhere in the province of nowhere, surrounded by desert and where the nearest rusty windmill is a thousand miles away. And yet, they are much loved, especially amongst the Afrikaans community, and even some of the coolest Afrikaans rock musicians seem to dig them.

One just has to listen to the live version of ‘Die Trein Na Pretoria’ on the ‘Houtstok’ album to realise there is something about this group that connects with an audience. The audience at this music festival organised by Mr Cool himself, Anton Goosen, go mad for this boere waltz song which is sung in a slightly off key voice. This is particularly confusing to an Engelsman who enjoys the recent-ish boere blues and all post Voelvry Afrikaans rock music to see the heroes of that type of music digging Die Briels.

But when you listen to it, ‘Die Trein Na Pretoria’ (either the live version on ‘Houtstok’ or the studio version), there is something about the song which has an innocence and salt-of the -earth-ness about it that you can’t help but be intrigued by it. The popularity of this track (and indeed anything by Die Briels) will always remain a mystery to me, but it won’t stop me putting it on and listening to it every now and then because there is something about it, so get your ticket now.

Where to find it:
Die Briels Sing Vir Ons – Die Briels, Next Music


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5 thoughts on “Die Trein Na Pretoria – Die Briels

  1. Yolanda Vermaak on said:

    My Pa Frederick Hendrik Vermaak het die lied hie gekomponeer, maar daar word nerens iets van hom genoem nie. Dit maak my baie seer.

    Yolanda Vermaak

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