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Time And The River – Dream Merchants

Time And The River - Dream Merchants

Time And The River – Dream Merchants

People often refer to Father Time and depict him as a white haired, bearded individual. There is also a song called ‘Old Man River’ so the subject of The Dream Merchants’ ‘Time And The River’ seems to refer to elderly men. However, the Billys (Forrest and Andrews) who sang this version of the song were not that old when they sang it, being in their late 20s in 1967 when it was released. Nat King Cole who also sang a version of it in 1960 was a bit older being around 41, but still not an old man. Despite this age difference in singers and age gaps, the song is well worth a listen, no matter what your age.

Cole’s version is as silky smooth as one would expect from a crooner like him, it is a lazy river slowly meandering its way down to the sea. The Dream Merchants on the other hand are a little faster flowing, upping the tempo and building in a big sound with guitars a-strumming, a pounding piano and a soaring vocal that would probably lift the eyebrows of a few reality talent show judges these days, especially as Billy (not sure which one) builds up to the crescendo finale of the song and moves his vocals up a few notches.

This is one of those songs that is so full of good things (energy, passion, vooma and any other word that describes a similar thing) that it is difficult not to be moved when listening to it. It’s too suave a song to be classified as white water rafting, but it certainly flows smoothly over the eardrums.

Where to find it:
The Heart And Soul Of – Billy Forrest Gallo CDREDD 654, 2001


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