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The Kid He Came From Hazareth – Freedom’s Children

Astra - Freedom's Children

Astra – Freedom’s Children

This song was originally called ‘The Kid He Came From Nazereth’, but had a name change as those moral guardians at the SABC at the time didn’t like this because of the obvious Christian references. So they went back into the studio and recorded ‘The Kid He Came From Hazareth’ and this is possibly more appropriate as there seems to be a haze of fuzz and and intrigue and echoes banging around inside a studio on this intense song. It’s packed full of guitars and organs and wailing, ethereal vocals that pound the senses and warp the mind. It almost needs a “Hazareth materials” warning sticker on it.

Taken from the band’s second, and many would argue their best album, ‘Astra’, it features the burning guitar of Julian Laxton, the thundering bass of Ramsay MacKay, the pounding drums of Colin Pratley, the swirling organ of Nic Martens and the exploding vocals of Brian Davidson all sloshing around in a belly of a beast.

It’s not really a song you listen to, it’s one that you experience. It will suck you into its whirlpool of noise, make you giddy as it swings you round and round, battering your ears and senses before washing you up onto a deserted shore with thunder rolling ominously in the background and you are left wondering is it really all over.

Where to find it:
Astra – Freedom (2005 reissue), RetroFresh, freshcd 145


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