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Summer Sun – Zen Arcade

Release - Zen Arcade

Release – Zen Arcade

After the success of their debut album ‘Snowflake’, Zen Arcade were faced with the difficult second album which they called ‘Release’ just to make sure you knew what it was. On the album is a jaunty tune called ‘Summer Sun’ which lives up to its title. It’s a bright affair and lacks the edginess that earlier songs like ‘Crazy Over You’ had. There are hints of Just Jinger and UK band Dodgy (remember them?) in the song.

I imagine that this song was possibly written in the UK where, if you’ve ever spent a winter in that part of the world will know the light bouncy feeling you get the first time the gloomy grey lifts and the biting cold eases itself into the first warm sunny day. And the song is just like that, it’s like a gloom has been lifted from your life. It’s not sugar sweet poppy nonsense, the band have maintained their rock sensibilities with this direction, so those who like their Zen Arcade to have a harder edge should not be too disappointed with this.

If you could imagine the Velvet Underground making cheerful music (yes, I know that’s quite hard to do), you might get an idea of what this song sounds like. File alongside Just Jinger’s ‘Paradise In Summertime’ and listen to when its cold and miserable. It will perk you up.

Where to find it:
Release – Zen Arcade (2003), Risa Kell


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