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The Meaning Of Goodbye – James Stewart

A Man Like Me - James Stewart

A Man Like Me – James Stewart

Men At Work (you know the Aussie band that sang ‘Down Under’) released an album called ‘Business As Usual’. Well, at one point James Stewart would have thought of ‘Usual as Business’ as he was the lead singer of local band The Usual. But there is a sting in this tale and that sting is a certain Gordon Sumner whom James sounds somewhat like.

‘The Meaning Of Goodbye’ is a laid-back rock ballad that features James doing a breathy Sting impersonation, especially when he stretches his vocal chords. Working with Richard Black of McCully Workshop fame, he produced ‘A Man Like Me’, his debut solo album and this song was featured on it. Apart from the vocal comparisons mentioned above, one can also hear similarities in style to fellow Cape Townian Robin Auld.

‘The Meaning Of Goodbye’ with its lyics, as the title suggests, about break ups, made it to number 2 on the South African Rock Digest’s charts in 2003 and was used in the Canadian animated TV show ‘Clone High’. In 2012, The Usual got back together for some gigs, so despite singing ‘now I know the meaning of goddbye’, he didn’t really.

Where to find it:
A Man Like Me – James Stewart (2004), Street Level


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