1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Little Bird – Fuzigish

Skankers Union - Fuzigish

Skankers Union – Fuzigish

The name Fuzigish sounds like it is a spoonerism, but then Guzifish makes no sense either. What does make sense is the delightful ska-punk that comes from the speakers when you put ‘Little Bird’ on. It’s a delightful rush of sound that has racing drums and growling guitars skateboarding over a pavement of trumpet. There is a huge amount of energy in the song, everything is jumping. The drums are poppin’, the guitars spark, the vocals tumble and even the trumpet manages to sound busy in a laid back manner.

Lead singer, Jay-Bones, has a strange accent that sounds like a Nu Yorkian cockney, which makes for an intriguing sound. But he clips the end of each line of the verses and this fits in with the bouncy and choppy music. One feels that this is the kind of song that the term ‘helter skelter’ was invented for, but one of the definitions of ‘helter skelter’ I saw was that it is in chaotic and disorderly haste. The only part of that definition that fits is the haste bit for this is not chaotic, its tight music and there is no disorder as the speed of the song is never at the expense of tune.

This little bird is not one to be caged, it has too much of free spirit for that. Set it free on your sound system and let it fly across your senses. Bob Marley’s song ‘Three Little Birds’ always makes me smile and gives me  lift and what Bob did with three, Fuzigish managed with one.

Where to find it:
Skankers Union – Fuzigish (2000), Red Ambulance


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