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Die Ou Kraal Liedjie – Groep Twee

Groep Twee

Groep Twee

And the award for most prominent use of a banjo (or is it a mandolin?) in an Afrikaans song goes to…Groep Twee and ‘Die Oukraaliedjie’. Whatever the instrument is (sometimes the internet lets you down), it gives this well known South African song a slightly country and western sound, althought it is essentially a boere song. They also throw in a little bit of ballroom organ for good measure.

Groep Twee were originaly (and at the time this song was released in 1967) Gert van Tonder and Sias Reynecke. Listening to them they seem to be a bit like an Afrikaans Mel, Mel & Julian as their sound is country tinged folk and they also have those great harmonies that M,M &T had.

‘Die Oukraaliedjie’ was apparently written by Mannas and Amy de Villiers for the Ou Kraal Jukskei Club in Paarl and it talks of stream, olienhout trees, snakes and buck. It also mentions bandolientjies and mandolientjies which (again the internet has let me down here) may be banjos and mandolins, but don’t quote me. However the instruments do sound like one or the other and this sound is used prominently throughout the song, which makes for great Afrikaans folk music.

Where to find it:
Springbok Radio Afrikaanse Treffers, EMI, CDEMIM 337


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