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I Am A Fadget – éVoid

I Am A Fadget - éVoid

I Am A Fadget – éVoid

If by some weird twist of fate you had not already heard ‘Shadows’ or ‘Taximan’ and then decided to buy this strange looking LP (because they were LPs back then) with an opening track called ‘I Am A Fadget’ thinking that it some how related to British Indie band Fad Gadget (Fad + Gadget = Fadget), you would probably have gone ‘Blimey,’ (because you are a fan of British music and the poms say ‘blimey’) ‘that Frank Tovey’ (the front man of Fad Gadget) ‘has gone all ethnic and funky.

On ‘I Am A Fadget’ the Windrich boys took those serious-sythn-sounds-from-the-lower-notes-on-the-keyboard sound that bands like Fad Gadget were playing and injected it with some earthy Africa rhythm and threw in a funky guitar over the top of it to create a jerky, fashion conscious slice of ethno-pop-punk. Erik’s voice stretches across the quirky beats giving an overall effect of something unsettled and nervous, tightly wound and full of pent up energy.

The song did not do as well ‘Shadows’ and ‘Taximan’ and its easy to see why. It is not as catchy as those two, it is a little too edgy for the mainstream, but it is a great song that probably would be better remembered if it didn’t have to live in the, erm, shadow, of its bigger brothers.

Where to find it:
éVoid – éVoid (2000), RetroFresh, freshcd 106


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