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1999 – Freedom’s Children

1999 - Freedom’s Children

1999 – Freedom’s Children

Way back in 1971, the year 1999 was some mythical sci-fi time in the way distant future where we could beam ourselves all over the place (thanks Scotty), travel though time and head off to the moon or mars even for our annual hols. Wars would be fought against the machines using lazers and we would drive to work in little hovercraft style cars.

However, the question on Freedoms Children mind back in 1971 was not about what scientific developments will take place, all they wanted to know was: ‘In 1999 would you still be mine/Would you still be the woman that I love?’ A bit like The Beatles asking if you would still love them when you’re 64. The difference being was the Beatles where rather cheery and singing with their tongues in their cheeks on that track, but for the Children this was a matter of life and death if Brian Davidson’s vocals are anything to go by.

Also, the future for them was not beaming and time travelling and lazers. There is an apocalyptic feeling to the thundering sounds that surround the vocals. Drums pound and guitars growl in a dense radioactive cloud, full of energy and highly claustrophobic. One almost feels like you need to get out of the way of this song as it crashes towards you, destroying everything in its path.

We may not have perfected time travel yet, but thanks to Retro Fresh, we can travel back to 1971 to enjoy 1999 all over again. The CD re-release of ‘Galactic Vibes’ also included an extended version (perhaps the leap year remix?) of the song.

Where to find it:
Galactic Vibes – Freedom’s Children (2002), RetroFresh, freshcd 126


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