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Backroom – Tim Parr

Backroom - Tim Parr

Backroom – Tim Parr

It starts with a haunting, twisting sax dancing an early-hours-of-the-morning-when-the-joint-is-closing-but-you’re-still-dancing-with-your-girl shuffling dance and it never really leaves the room. It is an intense song that draws you into it as it snakes through your brain, opening those dark thoughts that you throw into the backroom of your mind and hope that no one ever sees it.

It was a little odd coming to this song, knowing that Tim had worked firstly with Larry Amos in Baxtop and then was the guitarist in Ella Mental. Both of those previous bands produced some great songs which have/will also made this list, but theirs were more pop-rock numbers. His first solo album ‘Still Standing’ opens with this song which is aimed at a more serious listener than a youngster wanting something to headbang to. It is more bluesy-rock than pop-rock and shows us a more serious side to one of the countries talented guitarists.

But it’s not just his guitar on display here. One can understand why in Ella Mental he didn’t take the lead vocal role – they had Heather Mac. Had they not been blessed with her voice and were looking for someone else to step up to the mike, then, based on what one can hear here on his solo material, Tim would have been more than capable of fulfilling the role. He moves from sardonic verses to soaring choruses with ease and injects the words with a desperate edge that compliments the music. Although not as successful as his previous bands, this opening song of his solo album is quite worthy of the accolades ‘Jo Bangles’ or ‘See Yourself (Clowns)’ got.

Where to find it:
Standing Still – Tim Parr, Tim Can Records


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