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Only For You – Helicopters

The Helicopters - Love Attack

The Helicopters – Love Attack

The Helicopters’ career took off with their 1984 hit ‘Mysteries And Jealousies’ which made the Capital 604 and Radio 702 charts. It was included on their debut album ‘Love Attack’. One of the other tracks on the album was a slower synth ballad called ‘Only For You’ which was released as a single and spent 3 weeks on the Capital 604 charts, peaking at number 14.

Unlike its predecessor, ‘Mysteries And Jealousies’, ‘Only For You’ is a slower affair, in a similar vein to Face To Face’s ‘Here We Are’ but this one seemed to have a little less angst in it. Where Face To Face were appealing to the desperate teenager in love, The ‘Copters were spening a quiet evening in with their loved one, sitting on the sofa having a glass of wine and enjoying each other’s company. Bernard Binns distinctive vocals caress the words as he sings while sythesizers swirl a gentle breeze and the ubiquitous electric drums of that era occasionally cascade down in a waterfall of sound. Later in the song, we have an 80’s AOR power ballad guitar make a bit of an entrance.

Yes, this song does carry all the sounds and trademarks of its time, and it wasn’t one of the biggest hits of its genre, but it was a subtle slow burner that smoulders with sensuousness and warmth that one struggled to find in the “dehumanised” age of the synth.

Where to find it:
The Best Of The Helicopters – The Helicopters (2002), Fresh Music, FRESHCD128

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