1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Eloise – Tribe After Tribe

Eloise - Tribe After Tribe

Eloise – Tribe After Tribe

‘Eloise’? That was that song by Barry Ryan wasn’t it? And wasn’t there a South African disco cover of it? (Yes, Rouge turned it into a concerto). And The Damned did a cover too didn’t they? So, Tribe After Tribe went a did a cover as well?

No. This is a completely different girl. Barry Ryan’s girl was a little posh but with a slightly naughty side, a bit like Princess Diana. The Damned, just dressed her up as a Goth while Rouge’s ‘Eloise’ was Karen Lynn Gorney (she in the red dress, dancing opposite Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’). All lovely girls that you could take home to meet yer mum.

But the Tribe’s girl is a bit scary. She “can walk on fire” and “goes outside in halloween clothes”. She is also shrouded in a dense, swirling mass of guitars and menacing drums. She is not sung about in the bright-eyed, clean-cut voice that Ryan has. This Eloise is snarled about. She is a child of Twilight, dressed in black and sexy as hell. She is a woman that can make Robbie Robb sound like he’s howling at the moon.

Venture, if you dare, into the world of this Eloise. You will have your senses battered, your mind twisted and your ears blasted. And remember, you do so at your own risk.

Where to find it:
Enchanted Entrance – Tribe After Tribe (2009), Noize Factor, NF01.02CD


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