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(Belville) Rock City – New World Inside

Dream Hope Fear - New World Inside

Dream Hope Fear – New World Inside

New World Inside. Sounds quite philosophical and inward looking. Also it doesn’t really give a clue to the type of music you may hear coming from a band with that name (unlike someone like, say, Metallica). However, it was far more radio friendly than the name of the band most of the member of NWI went on to form – Fokofpolisiekar.

Knowing the Fokofpolisiekar connection, you may now have a better idea of what sort of music is in store for you when you put ‘(Belville) Rock City’ on. And it doesn’t disappoint. From the moment the frenetic drums thrash around in your speakers and the growling guitar kick in, you are in Belville Punk City. It’s fast and frenetic, and, despite the lyrics being in English, shock horror, these were nice young Afrikaans lads making that noise. Okay it doesn’t seem so shocking nowadays, we’ve become used to geraas vannie plaas as Fokofpolisiekar, aKing and Van Coke Kartel have become well known (household?) names. But back then it was pretty radical.

As this song speeds through your (sound) system, and thunders along the highways of your mind, you are sucked into its slipstream. You may think there is no philosophical inward looking here, especially when at one point the singer barks out at you “WE DON’T CARE!” But then comes the question: “Are we doomed to become our parents/Oh please God no”. And luckily for us, these guys didn’t. Afrikaaners didn’t do punk until these lads came along and when they did, they did so in fine style.

Where to find it:
Belville Rock City – Various (2008), Rhythm Records, RR095

Hear here:

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