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Heidi – Peter Lotis

Heidi - Peter Lotis

Heidi – Peter Lotis

Heidi was a little cartoon girl who lived in the Swiss mountains who had been drawn by Japanese animators and who spoke Afrikaans to her grandfather and friend Pieter. Well, that’s how any child growing up in the late 70’s in South Africa would remember her. There is a lot more to her story and you can read up all that on Wikipedia if you want.
Those children of the 70’s would be very familiar with the theme tune to the TV cartoon, as would any parents of such children, although they would probably have heard the Afrikaans version by Herbie and Spence more than the English one that Peter Lotis recorded. Lotis had been churing out records since the late 50’s, but was enjoying success presenting ‘The Money Or The Box’ on TV at the time this came out.
The song has a typical German oompah-band style to it as well as the obligatory yodelling to give it a Swiss feel. Such was the popularity of the TV show that both Lotis’ and Herbie & Spence’s versions made the Springbok Top 20. Lotis fared far better, reaching number 2 while Herbie & Spence faltered at 13. This song will bring back many memories for those growing up at the time. It is a specific song from a specific time, so if you weren’t there, it may not appeal, so you could just press the skip buttion if you want, or take a trip down some elses memory lane. It’s up to you,

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 1 (1994) GMP, CDGMPD 40485 (CD)


Heidi on Wikipedia:


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2 thoughts on “Heidi – Peter Lotis

  1. I used to absolutely adore Peter Lotis!

  2. I knew Peter and his mother very well in the early 1960’s when I used take names for him to go onto his show Radio Record Club. My name then was Dawn Dommann and I was 15 years old.

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