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Be Bop Pop – The Spectres

Be Bop Pop - The Spectres

Be Bop Pop – The Spectres

Vox pouli is Latin for the the voice of the people. So if you ever wondered what the hang Tara Robb and her Spectre mates were going on about in 1989 on the second single and title track to their only album ‘Be Bop Pop’ (the chorus goes “Be Bop Pop/Vox Populi”), now you know.

Following up the (be bop) popular ‘Teddy Bear’ was this bright and bouncy little tune which is a foot tapping, brassy piece of pop perfection. From its trumpet and sax laden intro, through the Heather Mac-esque vocals and honky tonk piano interlude, including the rabble-y chorus and hand clapping instrumental break to the return of the wailing sax on the fade out, this is great stuff. It was a worthy follow up to ‘Teddy Bear’ but unlike its predecessor, did not garner any chart action on Radio 5, Capital 604 or 702 and it is difficult to understand why as this was probably even more commercial than ‘Teddy Bear’. However such is the music biz.

Tara Robb (who sadly passed away in September 2000) provides the chocolate-covered boiled-sweet vocals to Gary Rahtbone’s solid guitar and Allan Lusk’s bouncing bass. Richard Frost provides the driving percussion rhythms. And it is the addition of some non-Spectres that add a warm brassy layer.  Murray Campbell (he of ‘Goodbye My Love’ fame) supplies the trumpet, Mandla Masuko makes the sax wail and John Davis slides in with some tromboning. Whoever decided to add the brass deserves a medal. You need to listen to vox Phasma Phasmatis (Latin for the voice of a Specter).

Where to find it:
Vox Populi – The Spectres (2004), RetroFresh, freshcd 141


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