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Love – Gene Rockwell

Love - Gene Rockwell

Love – Gene Rockwell

Ah, that old elusive thing that so many poets have written about and musicians have sung about – love. ‘Love Me Do’, the Beatles cried, Robert Palmer was addicted to it, Air Supply were all out of it and Whitney topped the charts promising to ‘Always Love You’. That little four letter word has been countrified, rocked, punked, serenaded, reggaed, disco-ed, blues-ed, jazzed and every other genre’d in betweened.

So what could Gert Smit do with the topic? Well for a start, if you want to sing about the L-word, you cannot call youself Gert Smit now can you? So Gert changed his name to Gene and dropped the Smit for a much cooler Rockwell and soon had the nation love-ing him. In 1965 he penned and recorded this little ditty simply entitled ‘Love’. Gene had undoubtedly been listening to early Beatles records when he wrote this as it has that beat song sound with a gentle, almost rock-a-billy beat combined with a sharp vocal.

The song raced to number 5 on the Springbok Charts, giving him his 3rd top 5 hit and the first he had written himself. It’s a nice little rocker and in the worlds of David Mills, ‘Love is a beautiful song’.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 3 (1994) GSP, CDREDD 610
The Heart And Soul Of – Gene Rockwell (2000),GSP, CDREDD622

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