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It’s So Luvverly – Peach

It’s So Luvverly – Peach

On Loan For Evolution - Peach

On Loan For Evolution – Peach

Peach had 2 hits on the Springbok Top 20 in 1981. ‘It’s So Luvverly’ was not one of them. But it could well have been as it is as strong a track as ‘A Lot Of Things’ and ‘Nightmare’ which did make the charts. Coming from their only album ‘On Loan For Evolution’ this song is a bouncy ska-punk tune.

Unlike the two hits which are more punk rock and venomous, ‘It’s So Luvverly’ is up tempo and great for pogo-ing around the living room to (that’s if you still remember how to pogo and have enough energy to do so).

However, scratching below the surface of what seems like a positive song, things are not so luvverly. The title of the song is a sarcastic swipe at the establishment, talking about the problems in society in true punk fashion – “You want to hear a real good joke/They’re telling us there is no hope/They say the streets are full of tension/any town you want to mention” – which could have been as relevant to the UK as it was to South Africa at the time. That is probably why it never made the top 20.

Where to find it:
On Loan For Evolution – Peach (2002), RetroFresh, freshcd 123


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