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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Jessica Jones

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Jessica Jones

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - Jessica Jones

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Jessica Jones

‘Sunday, Monday, Tuesday’ was the second single from Jessica Jones. It followed up 1971’s ‘Baby I Love You’. The latter failed to chart on the Springbok Top 20, but did make the old LM Radio charts where it had a 27 week run. ‘Sunday, Monday, Tuesday’ gave her the SA Top 20 breakthrough, spending 26 weeks in total on the charts and topping them for 3 weeks from 11 August 1971. She was the first local woman to top the charts since Cornelia almost 4 years earlier. The next 4 local number 1’s were by women as well (Barbara Ray, Lauren Copley, Maria and Gwynneth Ashley Robin), so one could say this was a bit of a trend setting song.

It’s a bright and breezy pop tune with a bit of a stomp-along country rhythm going on. The latter sound seems to have stuck with Jessica as she re-recorded the song for her 2012 album ‘Coming Around Again’ where she has pushed it even more into that direction. The lyrics are as upbeat as the music, talking about enjoying every day as it comes.

In 1978 another local group, Sweet Promise, recorded a funky soul version of the song which they took to number 19 on the Springbok charts. This is also worth checking out as with only 3 days in the title, this song could not be called week.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 1 (1994) GMP, CDGMPD 40485 (CD)


Snippet of the Re-recorded version here:

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One thought on “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Jessica Jones

  1. Hallo, this is George Liebecke from Germany. I want to send many greatings to Jessic Jones. We meat us 1970 in “spurs night club” Capetown, South Africa.
    Jessica was the singer in my Band “the German travellin´band”. You remember the members of the groupe: Hartwig Frentzen, Harald Clausen, George Liebecke and Saverio Grande. We had an absolutly fine time workin´together. Mayby you´d to contact Jessica for me, so she can write something back to me.
    many greatings and thank you so much!

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