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Straight Ahead – Otis Waygood Blues Band

Straight Ahead – Otis Waygood Blues Band

Simply Otis Waygood

Simply Otis Waygood

‘Staight Ahead’ originally appeared on the 1971 album by The Otis Waygood Blues Band ‘Ten Light Claps And A Scream’ and eventually made it’s was onto the CD re-issue of ‘Simply Otis Waygood’ as a bonus track. Unlike most of the Waygood’s other material, this is an instrumental piece and Rob Zipper who normally tackled vocals, decided to put his mouth to good use, blowing away on a mean sax.

It does, however, sound as if Rob was sitting in a different room to the rest of the band as the sax is sort of muted and distant, but he does a wonderful job of running a three legged race with his brother Alan on bass as the two play the same tune and are essentially the driving force behind the song. Despite the bass and sax being the engine of the song, one must not forget the interludes where Leigh Sagar butts in with his guitars, adding some screech to the chatter of the Zipper brothers.

There is an overall down and dirty dub kind of sound which was not common in music back then, but did echo in a number of 80s indie bands like Pig Bag and A Certain Ratio. This song sounds like it is floating up from some dingy smoke-filled basement club, causing the pavement to vibrate to the beat. They weren’t just good these guys, they were waygood.

Where to find it:
Simply Otis Waygood – Otis Waygood Blues Band (2003), RetroFresh, freshcd 135


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