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Delilah – Koos

Delilah – Koos

Delilah - Koos

Delilah – Koos

No, this is not Koos Kombuis, it a group called Koos who appeared at the Houtstok Rockfees which was an Afrikaan music festival that took place on 31 May 1990 in Pretoria. One of the main forces behind the festival was Anton Goosen who shocked the crowd by opening with his song ‘Die Wit Kaffers Van Afrika’.

Koos were made up of Marcel Van Heerden, Gys de Villiers and conceptual artist Neil Goedhals, who were joined at times by Velile Nxazonke, Megan Kruskal, Christo Boshoff and Kendell Geers. They were part of the Voelvry movement, with 2 of their songs (‘Cowboy’ and ‘Sing Jy Van Bomme’) appearing on the original ‘Voelvry’ album.

At the concert they performed a rather strange cover of the Tom Jones hit ‘Delilah’. There are snarling guitars, off key singing and a steady drum beat. Compared to the slick production and shiny gloss that Jones put on the song, this is a down and dirty, almost sinister take on it. Koos seem to be taking the piss out of the original. Where Jones makes a clean and shiny song about murdering an unfaithful lover, Koos show it up for what it really is, a vicious attack on another human being. Given their political leanings, there could be a wider context to the choice of this song to cover, making a comment on the violence that was rife in the country at the time.

Sadly, Goedhals went on to commit suicide in the August of 1990, barely 3 months after the festival and the band called it a day. They did, however leave us a few bits and pieces of memories that one has to spend some time trying to find, but the results are worth it.

Where to find it:
The Black Tape – Koos (1986)
Houtstok Rockfees – Various (1996),Wildebeest/Gallo,WILD013

Download from Sjambok Music here:



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